Construction of water network Joanka-Dopiewiec Stage I

The subject of the contract was Investor’s Supervision in the implementation of tasks: Construction of water network Joanka-Dopiewiec Stage I.


References: references ZUK Dopiewo stage I


– realization of water supply system for the Department of Municipal Services in Dopiewo on the section from the Water Treatment Plant in Joanka to Konarzewo.

– the waterpipe is located on agricultural land and public roads

– water supply network of pipes PE 100 (RC) SDR17 PN 10 ø 400×23,7 mm, total length of 3 699,7 m

– section I – total length of pipeline – 2675,40 rm, from W1 to K1 in Stęszewska street, executed in open excavation  (except two water pipeline cross passes under existing drain ditches and one cross pass under existing street – executed by HDD (horizontal directional drill))

– section II = 1 024,30 rm from the working chamber K-1 to W31 made by controlled drilling in the lane of asphalt roadway of Stęszewska street .


Customer: Department of municipal services Sp. o.o. based in Dopiewo


Scope of work: construction supervision in all industries