Construction of rainwater drainage at ul. St. Wawrzyńca in Poznań

The subject of the contract is the service of fulfilling the duties of the Contract Engineer along with the provision of investment supervision and author’s supervision in the preparation and implementation of the investment project under the name: Construction of rainwater drainage system with pre-treatment facilities at Św. Wawrzyńca Str. in Poznań.


Construction of a rainwater drainage network and installation of pre-treatment equipment for rainwater and snowmelt before introducing them to the Bogdanka river in order to protect it against pollution. The works include among others:

  • construction of the section of the rainwater sewerage network kd 600
  • construction of a distribution well with overflow in the place of the existing chamber on the kd 1200 network
  • construction and assembly of pre-treatment devices for rainwater and snowmelt
  • superstructure of S1 well on existing kd1200 channel
  • translating low voltage eANN power cables at the collision site with the designed SP well

Technical data:

  • total length of the sewerage network L = 24.8 m, pipes with a diameter of 600 mm
  • distribution well with overflow and flow regulator (SP) with inner diameter 4000 mm and a depth of 4.13 m
  • connecting well with a depth of 3.91 m, inner diameter 2000 mm
  • swirl tank 1: total depth 7,35 m, diameter of container hopper 6000 mm, volume 207,71 m³, total weight 94,800 kg
  • swirl tank 2: total depth 7.30 m, diameter of the reservoir call 3300 mm, volume 62.41 m³, total weight 34 800 kg
  • separator of petroleum substances: total depth 6.07 m, diameter of the reservoir call 3300 mm, cubic volume 51.98 m³


Customer: The City of Poznań represented by PIM company

Scope of work: Contract Engineer through all stages of the investment:

  • Preparatory stage – before the construction: getting acquainted with the project documentation, analysis of the documentation possessed by the Employer, preparation of the preliminary report; development of a material and financial schedule project; active participation in works related to the procurement procedure for the selection of contractors for construction works
  • Construction phase: investor’s supervision with author’s supervision over construction works
  • Construction completion: verification of completeness of the acceptance documentation prepared by the contractor for construction works and participation in final acceptance of works; acceptance of completed works related to the removal of defects revealed during final acceptance; verification of the completeness of the correctness of documents; supervision over the decision-making process, permission to use the facility.