Construction of water network Joanka-Dopiewiec Stage IIA

The subject of the contract was Investor’s Supervision in the implementation of tasks: Construction of water network Joanka-Dopiewiec Stage IIA along with the restoration of the surface.


References: references ZUK Dopiewo stage IIA



  • realization of the temporary traffic organization project on the county road Dopiewo-Konarzewo
  • construction of a water supply system made of pipes PE100 RC SDR17 PN10 double-layered with a diameter of DN40 mm with a total length of 2 102,1 m
  • installation of the pipeline under the motorway in the existing casing pipe
  • installation of aeration and venting valves DN 80 mm for working pressure PN10
  • installation of underground hydrant DN 80 mm PN 10 with stainless steel shut-off plate and shut-off gate valve
  • assembly of DN 400 wedge gate valves with a telescopic casing
  • profile milling for depth 1-4 cm
  • making the leveling layer of asphalt concrete
  • making a wear course of asphalt concrete
  • construction of the road surface on the extensions along with the foundation of broken aggregate
  • implementation of thin-layer horizontal marking


Customer: Department of municipal services Sp. o.o. based in Dopiewo


Scope of work: construction supervision in all industries