Technical inspections of buildings

We offer a wide range of technical inspections of buildings that go beyond the standard, mandatory periodic inspections recommended in cases of doubts of the investor regarding particular aspects of the use of the facility, such as:

  1. Problems with ventilation, air conditioning or heating
  2. Excessive humidity of partitions or rooms
  3. Diversified room temperatures despite even heating
  4. Leaks in the external partitions
  5. Verification and confirmation of the construction layot of the object 
  6. Analysis of the load capability of given building construction elements 


For optimal verification of building defects, we use professional tools from the Voltcraft, Bosch and FLIR brands, which enables us to perform such tests as:

  1. Thermal inspection of building partitions
  2. Determination of heat loss points
  3. Analysis of the thermal insulation of buildings
  4. Analysis of humidity of building partitions
  5. Determination of leak points
  6. Location of hidden installations
  7. Location of structural elements and reinforcement

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