Project supervisor

As a project supervisor we assume responsibilities of supervision, selection of contractors as well as coordinating and/or managing the course of all phases of investment, from design to construction completion. Acting for and on behalf of investors ensuring a constant flow of information to the customer. We are prepared to conduct the project preparation phase, it means the total pre-project activities. Our task is investment financial control, allowing fast and efficient investment process.

The general rule is to implement the project on planned schedule, budget and quality level of investment.

Making recommendations for the most efficient and optimal solutions presented in each phase of the investment.

We recommend investors decisions to be made during construction.

Duties of Project Supervisor are basically divided into three main phases:

  1. Tendering procedure, selection of Design Office / Contractors – preparing tendering documents, preparation of basic contractual provisions, evaluation of received offers, a summary of points and recommendation of the Contractors.
  2. Duties of supervisor of the implementation of construction – all the activities specified in the applicable laws including supervision of all trades.
  3. Acceptance control procedure – works associated with obtaining official receipts in order to obtain an occupancy permit – managing the entire process. In addition, the final acceptance of the works of all Contractors.


Benefits for Investor:

  • fully protection of the Investor’s interests
  • realization of the Investment in the planned budget