Cost control

We control the costs of construction for the works carried out by contractors by verification of work advancement protocols and submit for approval to our client the payment to the contractor in accordance with the procedures set out in the contract between the investor and contractor.

The Cost control we lead in the system of Project Supervision or as a separate order for the auditor of the costs, throughout the duration of construction. Control of construction costs in the executive phase is carried out based on the valuation of the construction costs developed in the initial phase of construction.

In order to maximize the final result while reducing the costs of the investment and maintaining the standard of performance we make:

  • regular monitoring of the budget,
  • control (negotiating) the prices of individual packages of work carried out tenders,
  • control the compatibility of the proposed work with the budget,
  • budget update in accordance with changes made by the client,
  • the allocation of payments to contractors, control of cash flow.


Benefits for Investor:

  • Regular monitoring of the budget
  • The current control of prices of work
  • Reduce the cost of realization the investment