Construction Supervision

We provide construction supervision in all sectors with support for final acceptance and cost control:

  1. Implementation of procedures for the construction, forms, rules for inspection and acceptance
  2. Conduction of the Construction Council by the Head of Supervision involving the Investor, General Contractor and all Inspectors
  3. Technical supervision of the works including the project of works organization
  4. Control of compliance with health and safety regulations on the construction and fire protection and enforcement of their application
  5. Control of compliance with environmental regulations
  6. Control of timely implementation
  7. Control of work actually carried out and also control the construction of settlements
  8. Acceptance of performed scope of work
  9. Participation in the process of obtaining occupancy permit
  10. Preparation of monthly financial reports with the advancement of Investment
  11. Organization of final acceptance of Investment


Benefits for Investor:

  • Full control over the quality and timeliness of the work
  • Elimination of performing faults