Construction / Project Management

Carrying out the function of Construction Management (execution) we manage the investment process, which is divided into work packages (ranges) which are coordinated with each other. On the basis of the conducted analysis we issue recommendations to the Investor, who on the basis of them makes final decisions about all realizations.

In this system, it is acceptable to carry out project work in parallel and simultaneous execution of the project.

CM in consultation with the investor is responsible for coordinating the design work needed to achieve the investment task.

Conducting the function of Construction Manager we are responsible for the following stages of the construction process: design, organization and conduct of procurement procedures to select contractors, construction cost management, implementation schedules, ensuring the required quality of performance, supervision of contractors, and security at the site. Our activities include the:

  • assessment and approval of the schedule,
  • ongoing monitoring of progress on the construction site,
  • control of construction costs for the progress of the works and the passage of time,
  • coordination of the involved construction companies,
  • acceptance and continuous monitoring of the quality assurance plan.


In case of CM, depending on the investor’s decision we also perform as construction manager.


Benefits for Investor:

  • monthly reports, which are a collection of the most important actions CM / PM, companies involved in the construction and all the facts relevant to the Investor
  • informing Investor about important matters concerning the execution of works
  • obtaining recommendations