Another order

In October this year we have signed a contract with the City of Poznań represented by PIM company to perform the function of a Contract Engineer along with the provision of investment supervision services for the task: Reconstruction of Taczaka Street in Poznań.

The new order will cover construction works involving the reconstruction of the communication system of Taczaka and Garncarska Streets to traffic calming streets with maximum elimination of barriers. Streets are to perform functions common for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicular traffic, with the provision of parking spaces.

Our company will act as the Contract Engineer, which includes:

  • Preparatory stage with the Investor’s support in the tender procedure for the selection of contractors for construction works.
  • Construction phase with investor’s supervision over the work carried out
  • The final stage includes the completion of documentation and the preparation of relevant official documents for acceptance and supervision of obtaining a permit for use.

This is another task that we carry out for the City of Poznań represented by PIM. Recall that we act as a Contract Engineer, together with the provision of investment supervision in the construction of streets Dobrochny, Świętochny, Vladimir in Poznan and the construction of storm water drainage system with pre-treatment devices at Wawrzyńca Street in Poznan.