Another contract with the IKEA group

From February this year we have started cooperation with IKEA Property Poland Sp. z o.o. over the investment located in Janki near Warsaw, involving the reconstruction of the existing building to the IKEA external warehouse.

With this task, our company will be responsible for the Construction Management of the entire investment, which consists of the management of the investment process and investor’s supervision. We will perform the tasks divided into two investment stages:

A. Stage of investment preparation

  • cooperation with designers, cost estimate verification, cooperation with the Public Administration and Authorities, development of a base and detailed schedule, cooperation in contracting Contractors, participation in the tender procedure.

B. Stage of investment implementation

  • preparation of construction facilities, investor’s supervision, coordination and construction management, material and financial control, acceptances, participation in obtaining the Permit for Use.

This is another task that we carry out for companies from the IKEA group. Recall that we have been investor supervision in the construction of IKEA store in Lublin and Franowo Strip Mall in Poznań, as well as the Construction Manager in the construction of the IKEA store in Wrocław.