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Onyx Business Point office building in Piła

The subject of an agreement is the Contract Engineer function for a construction of the “A” class office building - Onyx Business Point in Piła, Witaszka Street.

Characteristics of the building:
- after an extensive renovation and extension of the existing building it will be three-storey, luxury office building with 3 000 m2 of usable area, with a facade of glass and sandstone.
- this will be the first “A” class office building in Piła.

Customer: P.R.E.S.C.O. Group S.A.

Scope of work: counseling and supervision at every stage of the investment:
- Design stage - functional description of the object, the tender procedure, supervision of design, recommendation of Design Office
- Stage of tender selection of the General Contractor - prepare tender documents and tender procedures, organization of tender, recommendation of GC
- Stage of implementation - construction supervision in all branches with final acceptance and cost control

References_design stage.pdf

Below the visualization of office building:

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